Online Services

Liberty Speciality Steels online services.

  • Alloy surcharge

    Alloy Surcharges will be applied to the invoiced delivered price of the products listed below. The surcharges will be calculated according to the mean of the specified range of each element. For Aircraft Steels a 10% Supplement will apply on Secondary Bar Material ( ie sizes below 70mm Dia). Silicon & Manganese Surcharges will be applied on ALL Steel types. Special carbon,alloy & spring steel semi-finished products, Alloy & spring steel black bars.flats & rods, Aircraft steel black bars.

  • Scrap Surcharge

    The Scrap Surcharge is applied to the products listed below. On Aircraft Steels a 10% Supplement will apply to Bright Secondary Bar Material (ie sizes below 70mm Dia). Special carbon, Alloy & Spring Steel semi-finished products. Non alloy special steel black bars & flats Alloy & spring steel black bars,flats & rods. Free cutting re-rolling billets.

  • Energy Surcharge

    With effect from 27th September 2015 the Energy Surcharge will be as detailed :

  • Stainless Surcharge

    The Surcharge for Stainless Steels. A 10% Supplement will be applied to Secondary Bar Material